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The Art of Dressing & Style

Founded by Cynthia Lee Miller, AICI FLC
Personal Consultant | Personal Designer

The day a client said to me “You have helped me find the ME in my clothing” it touched my heart.
The day another client said to me “The world needs you” it brought a tear to my eyes.
I knew this was my passion & purpose…to take dressing to an entirely deeper level;
I just didn’t realize I had done it!

Personal: About or pertaining to a person in your style of dressing.

Consultant: Providing expertise to you in your particular area.

Designer: Originating and developing a plan for you with intention.

There is an easy way and a hard way to do anything including getting dressed in the morning; which is why my goal for you is the “expert way.” When we know what looks best on us and have built a wardrobe around that; opening the closet each morning is a joyful experience!

  • Beautifully coordinated design scheme that will not only flatter but make mixing, matching and coordinating outfits a cinch.
  • Result: smaller more efficient wardrobe—less clutter in the closet—more quality clothing—feel magnificent each time you dress.
  • Know the fabric that is perfect for you, the correct styling for your personal shape as well as the best color that enhances your appearance.

I invite you to get in touch with any questions about how a personal consultant and personal designer can help you.

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