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You Are More than Just a Season | #1

Use Color to Enhance Your Image and Your Life

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” Georgia O’Keeffe

There is one woman in every crowd; she captures absolute attention with her look. All eyes stop when they scan the room and focus on her. She radiates her own Signature Style—her canvas that she has adorned with items perfect for her. Her Signature Style speaks of who she is because she dresses with her own personal energies, personal intention and personal coloring in mind. You can be “that woman.”

When you have a Signature Style you show the “who” of who you are; and when you that happens, your inner beauty is expressed. After all, your Signature Style is your first expression of who you are to those you meet.

Positioning yourself to turn heads is done with your Signature Style. Signature Style is not about purchasing clothing, or shopping, or spending a great deal of money and time. It is about the blending of your personal energies, personal intention and who you are. It is based on your custom colors, fabric design suited to your personality and the resonant stylistic look you choose for yourself. When you think Signature Style; think Color, Design, Look, Intent!

One of the major components of Signature Style is your personal Custom Color—the color that brings an instant reaction of joy from you each time you see it. It is a complimentary color as it comes from your custom color palette and your emotional relationship with the color. I use my Custom Color on my business cards, in my decorating and the clothing I wear. It becomes the “Rembrandt” of your wardrobe colors and is your formula for presenting your inner beauty outwardly.

What color turns you on, sparks enthusiasm from you and “fits” you more than all others? This is your Custom Color. Embrace it, love it and use it!

– Cynthia Lee Miller

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